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My name is Christina, creator and owner of DeBella! DeBella started about 7 years ago.  If I don’t have a creative outlet I go nuts, and with two boys under the age of 4 I was going nuts.  My love for creating and my very limited budget led me to begin making jewelry I wanted to wear, but couldn’t afford.  A few friends liked my creations, wanted one of their own, and thus began the creative whirlwind that became DeBella.  I find my self now five years later, still married to the love of my life, now with four little boys and a blossoming little business. My heart is to create things that help us to not only look beautiful, but that inspire us to live more beautifully.  Inspiring quotes for our walls, simple reminders of love and faith on our wrist, natural healthy oils around our neck and, through our “Live Beautiful” projects, the knowledge that our money is going to help those who need it most.  While it’s great to look beautiful, it’s better to live beautiful, to share our love and warmth with those around us.  That’s the heart behind DeBella. 

Live Beautiful


Here at DeBella we love partnering with people to help raise funds for the need in their lives!  It is so fulfilling to be able to help where we can and be a part of the bigger picture!  We want to be a blessing to those around us and be the tool that God has created us to be!  1 Corinthians 13:13  says “These three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”   I began to wonder how can I share more than just my product, how can I share love through my product?  What would it look like if DeBella was about more than helping people look beautiful, but rather helping people LIVE BEAUTIFUL? How could we help make this world a more beautiful place by sharing love with those who need it most?   We want to take DeBella from just a little side business and transform it into a source of joy, hope, beauty and yes love.

Current/Upcoming Fundraising

Do you know of someone who could use help with fundraising?  Contact me!

Past Fundraisers

Meet Pryce!

I want to introduce you to Pryce Redmon. Pryce is a three year old little boy who was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma in August 2018. It requires lengthy and intense treatments.  We are praying God will use our efforts to help Pryce!  Follow along in the journey and donate here:

Meet The Tuckers!


Theo & Melissa have begun their adoption journey!!

Meet the Perkinson Family!! They have adopted another one!  Read their story here



Chris & Megan Negrete are adopting from Uganda!  They have had a challenging journey so far, but are still trusting in HIM to keep them going in this process and light their path one step at a time!  Read more on their story here and how you can help support their journey and how Debella is going to be a part!!  


Follow them on Instagram & Etsy!


Robert & Amy Ekis, along with their sweet baby girl Emma, have begun the journey to Adoption!

Not knowing exactly what God has in store for them on this path, they are trusting in Him wholeheartedly!  With Auctions coming up for this sweet family, DeBella has become a part of their fund raising!  Visit their Etsy shop and blog to keep up to date on upcoming ADOPTION AUCTIONS!!


Follow them on Instagram, Facebook and their adoption blog!

Isaac & Elizabeth Wendland are busy following God's call on their lives to adopt a child!   Read their story here!  

They are adopting from Thailand!!!  

Troy & Rachel are missionaries to Thailand!  See their story here!  Always in need of your support!

Rick & Jen are missionaries to Italy!  See their story here.  

Always in need of your support!